iQ live in Paris

Théâtre Dunois - Nov. 5th, 1994

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Let me tell you first that the band played in Milano on Nov. 2nd (first gig of the tour) and an attendance of 450 people has been reported. On Nov.4th, the boys played in Bordeaux (in the south-west of France) and I've been told that the gig was ok, with an attendance of 220, which is quite good compared to the regular prog gigs in this city.

Regarding Paris, do I need to say that we had a memorable evening ? Does someone can recall any bad performance of the band, by the way ? Let's get rid of the financial aspects. 380 people turned up so the overall budget has easily been balanced. As organisers of most prog gigs in Paris (meaning only 3 to 4 double-billed concerts a year - let's stay realistic), we can say that the record of Pendragon (April 16th) has been equalled. That gives you an idea of the maximum audience that we can expect over here for the most famous bands. Which is sadly rather small if compared to the figures of dutch prog concerts.

Anyway, we were glad to welcome a few german fans, some italians and a friendly long-time IQ fan from England. There was far enough people to pack the small theatre. The air-conditionning system was very bad. The atmosphere was so hot and steamy that when, at the end of the show, we opened the doors, every surface in the building, including the dressing rooms and obviously the instruments, was covered with a thin layer of humidity !

I am not the right person to give you the detailed list of the songs IQ have played that evening. I'll just say that I like the selection a lot. I was quite surprised that they played so many "Menel-era" songs since I thought that Pete was not so fond on singing these lyrics, but "No Love Lost" or "Nothing at All" are rather well suited to his voice and "Nostalgia / Falling Apart of The Seams" or "Human Nature" are true IQ masterpieces that can hardly be ignored. I also think that most of "Ever" has been played. To introduce one particular song ("Further Away" I think), Pete said that they had not played it in a long time because it was a little difficult but since "nothing (was) impossible in Paris !", they would play it tonight. In fact, Peter mostly introduced the songs in a solid french and that was greatly appreciated.

Mike and Martin also did a very funny instrumental (I don't know if it has a title): some kind of new-agey romantic music for supermarket !! Typical IQ humor. Some guy told me that it was from an english composer but I'm not so sure. By the way, before and after the show, can you guess what was played on the P.A. ? Rave music !!!! Well, Mike has not changed.....

IQ ended the show with a powerful rendition of "Out of Nowhere", definetely not my favourite one on the CD but a very good song for the stage, especially due to the heavier bass playing of John (his hair are slowly getting longer...). As encores, we had the closing section of "The Last Human Gateway" (beginning as a duo with Pete on vocals an Martin on keyboards) and "Awake and Nervous" (I like how the public goes wild just hearing the opening notes !) chained with "Headlong" (my favourite solo from Martin).

At the end, Peter introduced himself as Charles Aznavour (some kind of french Frank Sinatra) and Mike as Simone Signoret (famous french actress) !!

After the show, the guys, as usual extremely nice, stayed a long time to chat with the fans and do some signing. The merchandise sold very well since they had brought the remasterised versions of their CDs plus the Geoff Mann tribute effort with them.

We ended the evening in a (too) small chinese restaurant were the musicians and technicians could switch from the french beer to the chinese one ! When they returned to sleep in their big van and said goodbye, we were able to see which got nicer and which did not after having reached the critical beer dose. I won't give names but perhaps some of you will guess.....

I hope you will all be able to see their great show for real.

Jean-Luc Putaux

Favourite band's sentence: "There is not enough beer !"

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